PSA: Please DON'T vandalize radio towers!

Last week in 29 Palms, somebody shot at and attempted to burn down a radio tower.

No doubt, it was a result of the (false) rumor going around that 5G causes health concerns.

The shooter was unsuccessful as there was no 5G equipment on the tower. Though they did knock Z107.7 offline for a few hours and caused several thousand dollars worth of damage to newly installed wireless internet equipment.

Communications infrastructure is something we sorely lack here in the hi desert.
We are at the mercy of the small local companies who are willing to spend their time and money to bring us service.

Please understand that radio frequency used for communications are very low in the electromagnetic spectrum and they are transmitted at extremely low power.

What this means is that anything emanating from a radio tower is:

  1. Really far away from frequencies within the spectrum that are actually damaging to humans, like Gamma or X-rays.

  2. The energy within those radio waves is far too low to penetrate human skin.

So be assured, radio towers are not dangerous.

Though if you still can’t be assured - then you should also be afraid of literally every appliance in your house…

If it consumes electricity or if it’s metal and spins, then chances are it emits radio waves :slight_smile:

So next time you’re feeling angst toward that tower, take it out on your fridge or microwave instead :rofl: